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Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi str. Ostrovskogo 2
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Privacy Policy

Consent to the processing of personal data

Registering on the Tatushechka online store website via the link on the Internet, the Buyer (Client), who is a natural person in accordance with Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" No. 2297-VI dated June 1, 2010 and Art. 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce" No. 675-VIII dated 03.09.2015, provides business entities that carry out business activities through the above-mentioned online store and retail outlets, individualized with the sign for goods and services "https ://" (hereinafter referred to as "Seller"), his consent to the processing without any restrictions of all his personal data specified during registration, including, but not exclusively, by collecting them, processing, storage, systematization, inclusion in the "Buyers" (Clients) database, etc.

This consent to the processing of personal data is given in order to ensure the implementation of civil legal relations, as well as relations in the field of advertising and marketing in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Advertising", "On Protection of Consumer Rights", "On Electronic Commerce", as well as other normative legal acts.

With this consent, the Seller and/or persons authorized by him are also granted the right to send the Buyer (Client) by e-mail, telephone and/or SMS, any information of a commercial and/or informative nature about the activities of the Seller and/or other persons.

By registering on the website, the Buyer also confirms:

his consent to the transfer by the Seller of the personal data of the Buyer, to the managers of personal data and to any third parties, exclusively for the specified purpose, and does not require the sending of a notification about the transfer (distribution) of the order